Learning Leadership (in English)

23.03.2021, 16.30–17.45 Uhr

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The requirements for (young) leaders in the cultural sector are high today and specialist and expert knowledge alone is no longer sufficient. Cultural leaders need to understand the development processes of our modern society in order to successfully manage a cultural institution. This also includes dealing with people, whether in cooperation with other actors in the cultural sector or with their own employees. Developing visions, inspiring people, communicating and networking are just some of the skills that a cultural leader must bring today. What distinguishes a good leader in the field of culture? What skills does a cultural leader need? How and where can these skills be learned?

I.         Clore Leadership – a dynamic and inclusive resource for cultural leaders
           (Jonathan Mayes, Clore Leadership)
II.       Cultural leadership – A selfless act
           (Dr. Toby S. Jenkins-Henry, University of South Carolina)
III.     How to conduct academic research into processes of cultural leadership
           (Dr. Johan Kolsteeg, University of Groningen)

Jonathan Mayes is Head of Strategic Partnerships and Impact at Clore Leadership in London, which was initiated in 2003 by the Clore Duffield Foundation and provide leadership development programmes for leaders at all stages of their career to develop and strengthen their leadership skills, competencies and performance. Jonathan Mayes career began with positions at the Cheltenham and Bath Festivals before moving to the USA, where he worked in the management team of both the Chicago and Pittsburgh Symphonies. Returning to the UK in 2008, he worked in producing roles at the Barbican and Southbank Centre prior to six years at Arts Council England. During his time at ACE he led on policy and investment strategy for orchestras as well as participating in the the Clore Emerging Leaders programme. He was Director of Residencies and Regional Programme with the Philharmonia Orchestra from 2016-2020.

Dr. Toby S. Jenkins-Henry is an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Museum of Education at the University of South Carolina, USA.  Her work focuses on the use of culture as a politic of social survival, a tool of social change, and a transformative space of creative and critical pedagogy. She is considered a national expert on cultural inclusion and the student experience in higher education focusing particularly on the innovation and transformation of university cultural centers. Jenkins has authored several books focused on the evolving ideologies of culture, family, and education in contemporary society. Before becoming a professor, Jenkins spent 10 years working as an administrator and diversity practitioner in higher education.

Dr. Johan Kolsteeg studied Musicology and worked in the field of contemporary music and classical music, before moving to arts management education and research at the Utrecht University for the Arts. He obtained his PhD on strategy formation in cultural organizations. As a teacher and researcher at the University of Groningen, his present interests are organisational theory and practice in culture, communication about art and cultural democracy. He is connected to the research master Cultural Leadership.  He leads a research project in the North of The Netherlands about audience development, the Proeftuin Nieuw Publiek.